Mekong Dragons

A non-profit dragon boat team based in Atlanta, GA (pending tax exempt status approval).

About us

We are a nonprofit dragon boat team based in Atlanta, GA, and we are open to anyone who wishes to try the sport. Join Us

Mekong Dragons has come a long way from its more leisurely beginnings, becoming a serious contender locally, and whose recognition outside of its home base it’s growing and becoming associated with premier teams.

The commitment, discipline and training grew with the desire to strive and become gold medalists and trophy winners. Under the continued direction of coach Enoy (member of the USA dragon boat team), the Mekong Dragons team became the overall winner of the Atlanta Hong Kong Festival for the first time in 2015, and kept placing among the top teams in all races since, then taking the trophy back home again in 2019.

Unfortunately, 2020 proved to be a difficult year as the pandemic kept the team from training on the water. However, in 2021 we came back with renewed desires and it became a milestone of a year, as the team traveled outside of the state of Georgia for two races: Charlotte in October (getting the silver medals) and Lake Hernando in November (placing in fifth place, in a very competitive race).

In 2022, under the direction of coach Vilay and the collaboration of our veteran coach Enoy, we have earned our first gold medals and trophy of the year at the Gainesville Dragon Boat Challenge and we will compete three more times, in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. For the most up-to-date information on future races please check our Events Schedule page.

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Our boat and other equipment require some maintenance from time to time. When such work is due even putting in a little bit of time can be of great help.
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